Google’s self-driving car gets into wrecks, drives on the wrong side of the road and slams into multiple people in a new Youtube video that affirms many people’s fears.

Youtube uploader PizzaForBreakfast says he created the video purely as satire, but says it could serve as an illustration of what may actually occur when autonomous vehicles take to the roadways.

“Technology makes our lives infinitely easier and it’s an exciting age to be alive,” PizzaForBreakfast wrote in an email to CNBC. “But it’s both a blessing and a curse. At some point, every brand new smart phone crashes, every top of the line computer needs to be updated, every outdated fax machine is replaced by a super deluxe wireless bluetooth all-in-one printer. And I think the idea for the video came from that.”

“Cars are already a feat in engineering,” the hacker went on, “but that’s not enough – now we want cars to drive themselves. So while companies are racing to be the first to provide the ‘latest and greatest,’ I thought it’d be funny to imagine what could go wrong if Google released their self-driving car prototype a little prematurely.”

Experts have warned the oncoming self-driving car revolution could have devastating effects for humanity, from the self-driving autos adhering too rigidly to driving laws, to questions over whether vehicles could potentially be hacked.

“There is no question that someone is going to die in this technology,” a Duke University roboticist said before the US Senate committee on commerce, science and transportation in March. “The question is when and what can we do to minimize that.”

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