Beecher Tuttle
October 12, 2010

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Just a few years ago, most consumers only recognized Google for the work that it did in the search engine space. Currently, the California-based technology company is an influential player in a number of different industries, including the telecommunications and social networking arenas.

Google took another massive step away from its core business over the weekend by announcing that it is in the process of developing self-driving automobiles that are capable of changing lanes, braking and maneuvering around other cars, all without having a human being behind the wheel.

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Engineers with the technology giant have been working on the project for some time, and are currently road-testing seven automated cars all around the state of California. The vehicles are equipped with cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder that allow them to “see” other cars, according to a recent company blog. The automobiles are also loaded with innovative software that enables them to recognize speed limits, traffic patterns and road maps.

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