Google users have taken a keen interest in the outcome of Hillary Clinton’s recent medical episode, with the search engine’s latest top five trending questions centering around the Democrat candidate’s health status and whether she can make it through the election.

“How might pneumonia affect Clinton?” was the top question asked about Hillary on Google in the past 24 hours, according to the company’s official Google Trends Twitter account.

Two out of the top five most trending questions about Hillary in the past day reflect users are also worried the illness may prevent Clinton from even completing the presidential race: “Will Hillary be replaced?” ranked as the second most asked question, while a similar “Is Hillary Clinton dropping out of the race?” ranked fourth highest.

On Sunday, footage emerged showing Clinton being whisked into a van by Secret Service, but not before she was caught on tape buckling at the knees and collapsing, leading her campaign to issue a statement that she had “overheated.”

But by the end of the day, Clinton’s doctor confirmed there was definitely something wrong with the candidate.

“Her campaign… released a statement from her doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack, saying Mrs. Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday,” reported the Wall Street Journal.

Search interest in “Hillary Clinton” soared following release of the damning video and the campaign’s statement:

The diagnosis, in addition to the fact the campaign kept her illness under wraps for days, has given rise to speculation that the former Secretary of State may have to step down as the Democrat party nominee.

“According to Emmy award winning broadcaster David Shuster, Democratic Party operatives will stage a crisis summit during which they will begin the search for an alternative in light of Clinton’s health problems – and an apparent effort by her campaign to cover them up,” reported Paul Joseph Watson.

Footage of her collapsing at the 9/11 event follows a violent coughing spell during a Labor Day speech in Ohio, in which she hacked and struggled to speak for nearly four minutes in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Later that day, another coughing fit kept her from being able to complete an interview with reporters aboard her campaign plane.

Clinton’s “overheating” definitely comes at a bad time for the campaign, which has for months been struggling to tamp down rumors claiming their candidate is medically unfit to serve as president.

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