Daily Mail
September 9, 2011

Google has revealed how much energy it consumes to power YouTube, Gmal and its other services in the internet ‘cloud’ – and it’s enough to power the capital of Utah.

But bosses behind the search engine giant have launched a defence of the unprecedented reveal of its energy consumption.

According to Google Senior Vice-President Urs Hoelzle, the company has maintained a carbon-neutral imprint since 2007.

Google added the figures in ‘The Big Picture’ section of its Google Green website on Thursday.

The numbers show Google’s data centers use 260million watts – enough to power a city of 100,000 to 200,000 people, reports tech blog Gizmodo.

Salt Lake City, Utah, by comparison, has a population of 186,440.

According to the data, 100 searches on Google.com uses equal power to light a 60 watt bulb for 28 minutes; it said three days of streaming YouTube video requires as much energy as making, packaging and delivering a DVD.

A year of providing free Gmail email service to a user takes less energy than drinking a bottle of wine, stuffing a message in the empty vessel and tossing it in an ocean.

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