WASHINGTON, D.C. – Google and YouTube have advanced their attack on Infowars.com by removing one of this author’s videos decoding the intelligence agent known as QAnon for allegedly “bullying” and blocking this author’s ability to conduct a live chat for 90 days, or until the appeal on the removed video is resolved.

Below is a screen capture of the video removed by YouTube:

On Feb. 24, Alex Jones ran a special emergency broadcast covering the unprecedented attack on free speech being launched by Google/YouTube.

CNN and other news outlets have continued to exert lobbying pressure on Google/YouTube to terminate Infowars.com’s entire channel by falsely insinuating Infowars’ content has violated Google/YouTube community standards.

We have previously reported that an internet hashtag has begun gaining steam advancing the concept of Congress creating an Internet Bill of Rights, #InternetBillofRights.

The push to apply First Amendment free speech rights to the Internet has arisen in the wake of the decision by the FCC to repeal the Soros-supported “net neutrality” rules created during the Obama administration.

The Soros-funded “net neutrality” rules were designed to be a deceptively worded subterfuge under which Internet content giants including Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter were free to censor out conservative and libertarian views with impunity.

John Simons, President Trump’s choice to head the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), along with Republican nominees Christine Wilson and Noah Philips, as well as Democrat Rohit Chopra testified to the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, Feb. 14, that they are open to investigating the Internet edge providers including Google/YouTube and Facebook to see if they are in violation of consumer protection laws.

All four responded positively when questioned by the Senate committee about their willingness to pursue with the Justice Department anti-trust action in pursuit of an open network.

Simon indicated his willingness to task the FTC to examine complaints the Internet giant edge providers, including Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter censor conservatives and libertarians when he answered questions from Sen. Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts and a staunch supporter of the Soros-backed “net neutrality rules.”

“The FTC has rule-making authority over the Internet,” Simon explained, “and we will be a vigorous enforcer.”

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