The Joe Rogan podcast blew up YouTube Wednesday with nearly 200,000 live viewers tuning in to watch demonized Infowars founder Alex Jones’ triumphant return from social media exile.

By Thursday the Rogan podcast had reached over 2.5 million views, however, as many social media users noted the broadcast doesn’t appear on YouTube’s trending section, where videos with far less views are promoted.

Naturally this led many to question whether Big Tech censorship was afoot.

In contrast, the Michael Cohen testimony before the House Oversight Committee – arguably the biggest news item of the day – received a top trending spot, despite having less than a quarter of live YouTube viewers.

Over at Twitter, the popularity of the Rogan-Jones interview could not be denied.

Despite banning several of Jones’ accounts last year, his name shot up to number one on the site’s trending section, surpassing tweets about the Cohen testimony and various other major news events.

However, some users noted while Alex Jones’ name was trending, stories about a UK talk show host with the same name were promoted instead.

Check out the explosive interview between Joe Rogan and Alex Jones that shook the establishment to its core.

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