Elite GOP establishment figures are reportedly looking to draft Mitt Romney for a last-minute bid for president as they grow increasingly anxious about the unpredictable candidacies of political neophytes Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Allies of Romney, who lost to President Obama in 2012, have come up with a strategy for the former Massachusetts governor to make a late entry, according to The Washington Post.

They hope he will be able to carry the mainstream GOP banner and get enough moderates on his side to gain the delegates needed to seize the nomination at the ­Republican National Convention in Cleveland next summer.

The supporters are plotting this, the paper said, even though Romney has insisted he is not interested in making another run.
“We’re about to step into the holiday-time accelerator,” ex-Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom said. “You have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, then Iowa and a week later New Hampshire, and it’s going to be over in the blink of an eye.”

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