The GOP delegate who caused controversy yesterday by asserting she would rather vote for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump launched into a Twitter tirade against the Donald, labeling him a “racist, misogynist flip-flopper”.

Rina Bharara, a DC delegate to the Republican National Convention, told Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson yesterday, “The truth is, I know what I’m getting with Clintonian policies, I don’t know what I’m getting with Donald Trump,” before accusing the billionaire of being “too far off the deep end”.

Bharara clarified that she would consider voting for Hillary if Trump became the Republican nominee.

After receiving a barrage of criticism from Trump supporters, Bharara doubled down and went on the offensive against Trump, invoking the language of typically leftist social justice warriors to label him a racist misogynist.

Bharara also claimed that she was receiving “death threats” from Trump supporters.

She then re-iterated her plan to consider voting for Hillary, calling Trump “dangerous”.

Bharara vowed to do everything in her power to stop Trump from getting the nomination in Cleveland.

An anti-Trump PAC even started a hashtag, #StandWithRina, to support the “GOP delegate who pledged NEVER to vote for Trump, & is now facing harassment!”


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