Donald Trump is “yuuge” and some Republican insiders aren’t too happy about it.

According to Politico Caucus, 81% of GOP insiders say the likelihood of Trump being the party’s nominee is greater now than it was last month. For Democrats predicting the same, the percentage is close, at 79%.

Trump’s political staying power has been a shock to almost everybody. One anonymous New Hampshire Republican told Politico, “Predictions of his demise keep not coming true.” Another from South Carolina said, “Donald Trump being the GOP nominee is now within the realm of possibility.”

Though most still doubt it will lead to his presidency, some have admitted to being “wrong about this campaign every step of the way so far.” But still, some say, he has a 50-50 chance of becoming the nominee. Most put his odds closer to 30%.

But what they all agree on is that these odds are way better than they were a month ago.

“I can’t even describe the lunacy of him as our nominee,” one Iowa Republican told Politico. “But reason has not applied to date in this race, and my hopes are fleeting that it will ever surface.”

Other comments these anonymous Republicans submitted to the survey indicate they are taking his campaign more seriously as the “novelty of his candidacy is wearing off,” and view him now as “building a real campaign.”

“More so than many others,” one added.

Warming to Trump’s candidacy has been quite difficult and some say if he continues to do well, the Republican Party “will coalesce against him.”

“The party will nominate Bob Dole — in 2016 — before it will nominate Trump,” said a New Hampshire Republican.

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