Congressman Paul Gosar thinks President Trump will have a tough time convincing voters he’s made progress securing the U.S. border with Mexico.

The representative from Arizona owns land along the border, so his two-cents carry a special significance and perspective.

But as a Republican in a position to take action, his opinion isn’t worth a whole lot.

“@BrianKolfage collected this unsettling video of illegal aliens and other criminals violating our border openly,” Gosar posted to Twitter. “The failure to secure the border is going to be the toughest Trump sell in 2020.”

The criticism comes the same week Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexico convinced our neighbors to drastically increase efforts to slow the tide of illegal immigrants making their way through the country, bound for the U.S.

Mexico deployed thousands in the National Guard to its own southern border to get to the root of the problem, shut down financial networks supporting illegal migrant caravans and arranged to allow migrants to wait in Mexico while applying for asylum in the U.S. – all moves Trump’s base undoubtedly supports.

Those developments follow Trump’s executive order to divert what funding he can control to support border security, including military funding to build a wall, all the while fighting Democrats who oppose his every move.

Trump deployed the National Guard and U.S. military, regularly highlights the connection between the open border and the country’s rampant drug problem, and increased efforts to remove illegal immigrant criminals throughout the country.

But the problem is much bigger than Trump, and it takes a lot of Democrats to cooperate with Gosar and his Republican colleagues to resolve the broken immigration laws that are fueling the massive migration.

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Folks as far away as the Congo understand that if you simply show up at the U.S. border with Mexico and claim asylum, it’s highly likely you’ll get in and receive government benefits while awaiting adjudication, which takes years.

“President Trump didn’t create this problem, our laws are broken. As long as you can claim asylum in the United States and never be deported after you make the claim they will come forever,” Sen. Lindsey Graham told Fox News last week.

As it stands now, it’s catch and release, National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Toro told One America News.

“Obviously, these people are being apprehended, which sounds great,” he said. “But what a lot of people are not reporting on or failing to report is these large numbers that are being detained are also being released in the country and that is a huge problem.”

It’s a problem, he said, because “the percentages are very, very ow of what does show up” for immigration court dates.

It’s also a situation that only Gosar, Graham and their colleagues across the aisle can resolve, and for decades they’ve been unable to get it done. Some speculate that many Republicans in both chambers who often bemoan illegal immigration don’t bother to actually do anything about it because their Big Business supporters, like the Koch Brothers, rely on the cheap labor from illegal immigrants.

There’s also plenty of people who think Democrats are fighting all efforts to fortify the border with an eye on recruiting millions of future citizens as potential voters.

Regardless, it’s obvious to most Trump supporters that the president is focusing his efforts on what he can accomplish, while Gosar, Graham, and Democrats who have the authority and ability to actually change the law sit on their hands.

As Del Cueto put it, Trump’s border wall would help, but it will take new laws to end the crisis, estimated to reach well over 1 million illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2019.

“With the funding for the wall, obviously it’s helpful because it can funnel where we want the groups to go, but the big issue is going to be the law itself allows these individuals to come in to the United States and claim asylum and they’re being released,” he said.

“So at this point, even the wall, though very hopeful and very helpful, is not going to be the be-all end-all unless Congress decides to help us with a lot of these laws.”

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