Bob Roberts
UK Mirror
March 17, 2009

In a major speech, the PM will say the world cannot allow the Tehran regime to keep developing nuclear weapons with the potential to kill millions.

[efoods]And he will warn Iran it faces a “clear choice” of giving up its weapons or facing “further and tougher” action from the international community.

Downing Street officials have said they are looking at a range of economic sanctions against the Islamic republic which borders both Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the language will remind many of claims in the run-up to the Iraq War that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

In his speech to a London conference on nuclear proliferation, Mr Brown will say: “Let me be unequivocal – Iran has the same absolute right to a peaceful civil nuclear programme as any other country. But let me be equally clear that Iran’s current nuclear programme is unacceptable.

“Iran has concealed nuclear activities, refused to co-operate with the International Atomic Energy Agency and flouted United Nations Security Council resolutions.

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