Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, May 8, 2008

Former Vice-President Al Gore, fresh from exploiting the tragedy in Burma to push more climate change hysteria (since cyclones and storms didn’t exist before global warming), was confronted during a recent speaking event by a group who dared to question the orthodoxy of the church of environmentalism.

We Are Change Ohio gatecrashed a May 4th speech in Columbus Ohio in an attempt to point out that there is no "consensus" on global warming and the debate is far from over

"Hey Al we don’t want your carbon tax, plants need carbon dioxide to breathe!," shouted one.

Gore’s church of environmentalism congregation zealously applauded every time he was forced to respond to hecklers and demanded the miscreants be silent.

"What about the 22,000 scientists that say it’s not true, that it’s caused by the sun?" yelled another, to which the congregation screamed "shut up!" amidst shock that a mere peon would dare question Lord Gore’s climate authodoxy.

After the event the group unfurled a huge banner that read "No Carbon Tax — It’s A Scam," which drew the interest of two of Gore’s security minions who demanded to know who the protesters were.

Some of Gore’s supporters were offended that their religion was being criticized and refused to engage in any kind of rational debate and stormed off – perhaps living in denial that there is not a "consensus" on global warming as the corporate media so often likes to falsely claim.

Al Gore’s 20 room private mansion uses 20 times the national U.S. average of gas and electricity, as Gore lavishes himself in his heated swimming pool while poor people and the middle class await the onslaught of carbon taxes to eviscerate any disposable income they have left.

Gore’s claim that global warming is causing increased ferocity of extreme weather events like hurricanes and the deadly cyclone in Burma has been disputed by actual meteorologists and professors.

One of the central philosophies of climate change alarmism and an image that adorned the cover of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – the contention that global warming causes deadly hurricanes – has been completely discredited by the expert who first proposed it.

Hurricane buff and professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT Kerry Emanuel asserted for over 20 years that global warming breeds more frequent and stronger storms and he shot to prominence just one month before Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when he delivered the "final proof" that global warming was already causing extreme weather events and wrecking livelihoods.

Unfortunately for the church of environmentalism, who ceaselessly profess to have a monopoly on truth and insist that "the debate is over" on global warming, Emanuel has completely recanted his position and now admits that hurricanes and storms will actually decline over the next 200 years and have little or no correlation with global temperature change whatsoever.

In addition, as the Business and Media Institute reports, "In October 2007, CNN Meteorologist Rob Marciano disputed Gore’s claim that there is a strong correlation between intense storms and global warming. He explained that “global warming does not conclusively cause stronger hurricanes like we’ve seen,” pointing out that “by the end of this century we might get about a 5-percent increase.”

Hurricane researchers William Gray and Philip Klotzbach of Colorado State University have also discounted man-made global warming as a contributor to increased hurricane activity.

"Long-period natural climate alterations that historical and paleo-climate records show to have occurred many times in the past," are responsible for hurricane patterns according to the researchers.

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