Judy Kurtz
The Hill
December 7, 2011

COMMENT: This statement from Al Gore is a clear reminder that the public is completely kept in the dark about government. If its true for the Clinton Administration, it is surely true for the other administrations as well– lip service is paid to a few petty issues framed for public consumption; the rest is secret or quiet, with little or no attention paid by the masses, and plenty kept behind the veil of national security and other excuses for covert government. What really happens is negotiated by private banks and other interests, ambitious think tanks, lobbyists, military industrial complex interests, foreign and trans-national firms and much more.


Woodward offered up another tidbit from the conversation with his dinner companion. The investigative reporter asked the politician, more than five years after leaving office, how much the public knows about what went on during the Clinton administration. Gore replied, “One percent.”

Woodward admitted that revelation made him feel a bit icky, saying, “I kind of died inside and have to confess to having an unclean thought.”

He then dug a little deeper, asking Gore, if the former VP were to write a memoir, how much Americans would know then. Gore retorted, “Two percent.”

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