Kurt Nimmo


December 9, 2009

Tag-based searches of terms Gore disagrees with are blocked.

The website for Al Gore’s TV network is blocking tag-based searches, according to a post on the site.

“The Tags ‘ClimateGate’, and ‘Danish Text’ have been suddenly censored,” explains a post on the site. “Why can’t we tag what we want? This is especially troubling to me about the Danish Text, don’t let the nations that have been screwed over time and time again get hosed again. Danish, text, and Climate, Gate put separately is the best I can do on this site.”

Back in 2005, Al Gore and business partner and Democrat bigwig Joel Hyatt — founder of Hyatt Legal Services (“I’m Joel Hyatt and you have my word on it”) — created the media company Current TV. It is said Gore was dissatisfied with CNN and so he decided to establish his own network.

CNN, however, does not block searches on climategate and Danish text. Is it possible Gore was disappointed by CNN because it allowed journalism he didn’t agree with?

CNN, mind you, is hardly a hotbed of anti-climate change types. In fact, it consistently tows the climate change line.

“I’m really surprised by you Current. I was really liking the site, and getting to talk with people from different perspectives on EVERY issue. Not Cool.”

Not cool but entirely predictable. Gore’s climate change legions are notorious for stifling and plotting against “deniers,” as the CRU emails revealed. It should come as no surprise a website associated with Gore’s TV network would continue this legacy.

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