resumed the lawsuit to obtain Michael Brown’s juvenile criminal records and will file in juvenile court Tuesday. was joined by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in our suit to reveal Brown’s juvenile records but unfortunately the media is under some mistaken views about what actually happened.

Regrettably the mainstream media seized on the fact that Brown had no felony convictions to argue that he did not have any juvenile charges and’s editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson ran out of money to litigate the case.

“The Missouri juvenile courts bled me dry financially without answering the question,” Johnson said. “We have several Missouri based law enforcement sources who insist that Brown has a juvenile criminal record.”

Led by the very capable Missouri attorney John Burns will fight until we know the truth about Brown’s past.   .

Michael Brown’s family members have been revealed to be members of the Blood gang and have criminal records of their own. He’s got a history of calling for violence against women and brags about beating people up on Instagram.

If you’re interested in joining our suit or helping to provide the money necessary to fight to get to the truth, please consider supporting us here.

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