The federal government just admitted it has no idea how much money illegal aliens in the U.S. are sending overseas.

In response to a FOIA request from the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), the Bureau of Economic Analysis, a subdivision of the Department of Commerce, stated it does not estimate the amount of foreign cash transfers illegal aliens send outside the U.S.

The BEA also confirmed that it does not even question overseas transfers, known as remittances, nor does it have any ability to do so, which entails that informal Islamic financial transfer systems like hawala, often used to fund terrorism terrorism-financing systems, also escape the BEA’s estimations. A lack of scrutiny in this area means it’s likely that tens of millions of dollars are being sent overseas for nefarious activities.

As one example, a report from the Congressional Research Service in May noted that the Somali-American community in Minnesota sends about $100 million back to Somalia annually, but in the past few years, many financial institutions have cut off this link to Somalia for fear of funds falling in the hands of al-Qaida affiliate Al-Shabaab.

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