After intense backlash, Missouri officials are now ordering the National Guard to pull back from the protests in Ferguson, Mo.

State officials learned the hard way that they cannot restrict freedom of the press as much as they like because independent media will stand up for the First Amendment as all Americans should.

The suppression of the press by police in Ferguson was well documented.

On August 13, riot cops entered the McDonald’s in Ferguson and arrested two journalists who were working inside the restaurant.

Not long after, the St. Charles Co., Missouri, SWAT team shot Infowars reporter Joe Biggs with a rubber bullet and shot tear gas at reporter Jakari Jackson and cameraman Josh Owens.

The SWAT team also shot tear gas at an Al-Jazeera news crew despite the fact they identified themselves as press and were no where near protestors.

And a few nights ago, a riot cop pointed his gun at journalists while shouting “I’m going to f***ing kill you!

The incident likely led to the more relaxed police presence in Ferguson the following nights due to public outrage and it also likely influenced Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s decision to pull out the National Guard deployed in Ferguson.

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