Kurt Nimmo
April 1, 2011

As the founders knew, without property rights we are slaves. If the right to property is denied, all other rights fall by the wayside.

“The right to property is rooted in the right we have to the free use of our own mind and talents, which it is government’s job to protect,” James Madison wrote.

In Delaware, the state has demonstrated its utter contempt for property rights and the individual, as the following video reveals.

DelDOT forcibly removes a man’s basketball hoop and a state bureaucrat tells the man – as armed agents of the state stand nearby – to go back in his house. He no longer has the right to his property or his liberty.

He is a slave at the mercy of the state.

Read a news article on the incident here.

Also see: Delaware neighborhoods: Hoop screams: Couple protests pole’s removal.

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