Kurt Nimmo
Ocotber 14, 2010

Earlier in the week, the government made significant progress in its tireless effort to have the Ministry of Homeland Security and the Pentagon lord over the internet. From PC Mag:

The Pentagon, DHS, and NSA say they want to protect the internet and power grid from terrorists and other fanciful miscreants.

The Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense signed an agreement this week under which they will work together to defend the country’s Internet backbone.

“We are building a new framework between our Departments to enhance operational coordination and joint program planning,” DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and DOD Secretary Robert Gates said in a joint statement.

Specifically, the two agencies are going to cross-pollinate a bit more when it comes to personnel. DOD will send its cyber analysts to work on DHS’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) — a 24-hour incident response center that opened in October 2009. DHS, meanwhile, will send a senior staffer – as well as a support team of DHS privacy, civil liberties and legal personnel — to work at DOD’s National Security Agency.

This latest effort to get the government involved in your daily internet travel and eventually snoop your every move compliments a proposed “cybersecurity” bill that would give Obama the ability to shut down the internet in response to a false flag attack on networks or some other contrived emergency.

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So-called “cybersecurity” is a red herring. For months now the government has performed a theatrical Chicken Little schtick claiming al-CIA-duh and other miscreants will attack and bring down the power grid in the United States. Dire scenarios of blacked out big screen televisions and dormant iPhones have circulated via the corporate media.

However, a new study reveals that it would be virtually impossible for terrorists to take down the power grid in the United States. “It takes an incredible amount of information to really figure out how to make the grid fail,” Paul Hines, a University of Vermont power-system expert, told Science Daily.

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Terror scare monger Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s S. 3480 was approved by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in June. It will not see any more action until after Congress critters finish their home district dog and pony shows to convince the plebs to vote them back into office in November.

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