Sklyer Hamilton
Freedom or Bust
June 28, 2013

Government is not reason. It is Force. And since force and coercion necessarily infringe on the freedom of any person whenever it is used, the coercive action will always either be morally right or morally wrong. There is no way around this. When it becomes apparent that governments operate using the medium of force, the dilemma immediately becomes very clear: When is it moral and legitimate to use force against our fellow human beings via our agents in government?

First, before that question is answered, some basic premises must be remembered.

The principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence answer the questions of “why,” and “what” as far as governments are concerned. It outlines the reasons for having civil government at all. It asserts that the sole legitimate purpose of civil government is the protection of fundamental rights, and the enforcement of fundamental duties, both of which are inherent in man. Therefore, if we do not clearly understand the bounds of those rights and those rights’ corresponding duties, then we can easily and quickly create a situation where our agents in government are acting contrary to their entire purpose. And if this ever becomes the case, the people have a right and duty to “alter or abolish” that government.

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