Kurt Nimmo
April 8, 2011

Democrats have worked themselves into a lather over the absurd circus sideshow billed as a government shutdown.

In response, Eleanor Holmes Norton, a District of Criminals Democrat, told Fox DC that shutting down the government is “the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians.”

“It’s time that the District of Columbia told the Congress to go straight to hell,” she said. “If these Republicans insist that, if they don’t get the whole pie they’ll take the whole country down with them,” she continued, “then we have got to make them pay the price.”

She said if the supposed shutdown occurs, she will donate her salary for each day of the shutdown to non-profit organizations working for DC statehood and voting rights.

If there is a real and sincere shutdown, Ms. Holmes Norton will not be drawing a salary to give away to a pet political cause that is in fact an insult to the Constitution.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Article One, Section Eight, of the United States Constitution, permits a district to serve as the seat of government. The founders argued that the national capitol needed to be distinct from the states in order to provide for its own maintenance and safety, especially after the Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783 and the attack on the Congress at Philadelphia.

Finally, it is interesting Eleanor Holmes Norton characterizes a government shutdown that is not a shutdown – as evidenced by her continued pay and the continued wars run out of a Pentagon that never sleeps – as the equivalent of bombing innocent civilians.

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As Democrat Holmes Norton made this remark, a Pentagon that will not shut down continued its support of the real bombing of real human beings in Libya — and Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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