Ian Johnston
NBC News
November 24, 2012

UPDATE: Council poised for U-turn after taking foster children away from UKIP members

LONDON — Three children were removed from the care of an English couple because their support for the U.K. Independence Party meant they were unsuitable to provide foster care, an official said Saturday.

Local government body Rotherham Council said that the three children were not “indigenous white British” and that social workers had raised concerns about the UKIP political party’s stance on immigration, ITV News reported.

Joyce Thacker, the director for children and young people’s services at Rotherham Council, told BBC News that the children were placed with the couple on an emergency basis and were not due to remain with them permanently. She confirmed they had been removed from the couple’s care.

“If the party [UKIP] mantra … is ending the active promotion of multiculturalism, I have to think about that,” she added. “I think they [UKIP] have very clear views on immigration.”

Full story here.

Tweets From Nigel Farge, UKIP Leader

“Rotherham council partially backtracking allowing this couple to still adopt. But by the sounds of it, only white children. New Apardheid?”

“The council and the panel clearly have no understanding of UKIP and by their actions, clearly no desire to know.”

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