San Tan Valley Today
May 2, 2011

Governor Brewer has signed SB 1406 into law. Sponsored by Republican Senator Steve Smith, SB 1406 allows for the construction and maintenance of a fence along the Arizona-Mexico border. The legislation provides for an interstate compact, which will allow the Governor to work with other states to build and manage the fence. Additionally, inmate labor, at 50 cents/hour, will be used to construct the fence.

SB 1406 is a major new step in enforcing and ensuring border security. “The federal government has put states like Arizona on the back-burner for far too long, making flawed claims that the border has never been more secure,” says Sen. Smith. “Many in my district have seen the terrors of drug cartels, gang activity, death, and destruction of the land firsthand.”

With the Governor’s signature, Arizona will now be able to work with other states to build a fence that will significantly reduce the infiltration of illegal immigrants unlawfully crossing the border on a daily basis.

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