A regional governor told residents of a municipality in Germany that if they didn’t embrace the arrival of hundreds of new migrants, they should leave.

The municipality of Lohfelden has a population of just over 13,500. During a town hall meeting, the residents were suddenly informed that 400 new migrants would be arriving the very next day.

Regional Governor Walter Lübcke told the attendees that people who were not happy with the influx of migrants could simply vacate the area, remarking, “If you don’t like it, you can leave! We have, as Germans freedom, and you are free to leave if do not agree.”

One of the audience members reacts by commenting, “I can´t believe it, piss off – get outta here!” The rest of the crowd boos loudly.

“We have freedom, we have a democratic system, the majority,” continues Lübcke, to which one of the audience members responds, “What democracy!?”

Meanwhile, a village called Langenlohnsheim with a population of just 4,000 people is about to accept a staggering 3,000 new migrants, with the Mayor being given no advance notice of the plan whatsoever.

“It wouldn’t have hurt for the officials to speak with us first to determine our situation,” said Mayor Michael Czupalla. “And as you can see we are not on the edge of the town, we are directly in the middle! The potential for conflict is already preprogrammed.”

Residents are right to be concerned given the epidemic of rapes that are occurring in and around migrant camps in Germany.

As we reported last month, some German schools are ordering girls not to wear shorts or skirts so as not to offend or provoke sexual assaults from migrants staying in nearby refugee camps.


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