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Paul J. Watson: ‘Texas Schoolkids Tagged With GPS Tracking Devices

GPS trackers for truant students now hits Anaheim, CA; last year it was implemented in Texas

TG Daily
February 20, 2011

Cutting class used to be all about dodging the hall monitor, but nowadays if students ditch too many times they will be asked to carry a GPS tracker in Anaheim, California. The GPS technology not only tells school officials where exactly the kids are, but asks them to enter a code at critical times in the day like lunch or a break, where they might be tempted to ditch.

Once the student enters a code like “1111,” which signifies all is good, it will send an email or text message to school administrators with the code and the student’s location.

The truancy plan doesn’t stop at GPS tracking but extends into personal coaching where adults can call a student’s phone to wake them up for school and make sure the student attends.

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