Rick Pedraza
August 19, 2009

Editor’s note: Infowars covered Grassley’s concerns about the FCC and the Fairness Doctrine on August 17. See The Fairness Doctrine is Dead, Long Live the Fairness Doctrine.

[efoods]Sen. Charles Grassley is worried that Obama administration’s new federal communications “diversity” director may try to regulate talk radio with a “backdoor” method akin to the Fairness Doctrine.

The Iowa Republican expressed his concerns because of a paper in which Mark Lloyd, the diversity director, alleged a “structural imbalance” in political talk radio and suggested increasing government involvement to regulate it. Lloyd co-authored the paper for the liberal Center for American Progress.

Grassley sent a letter Friday to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski voicing strong disagreement with the idea that government needs to regulate talk radio and arguing that a return to the Fairness Doctrine would end the diversity of views on the airwaves.

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