Greece’s supermarkets are being bled dry after the the government announced last week that the country’s bailout conditions would be put to a vote on Sunday July 5 – and now it’s set to get worse.

The announcement led to massive queues for ATMs across the country because Greece’s government shuttered banks and placed strict cash withdrawal limits on its citizens. Meanwhile, people have stocked up on food because the immediate fate of Greece is so uncertain.

If Greeks vote “Yes” – “NAI” in Greek — it means they accept bailout conditions. If Greeks vote “No” – “OXI” in Greek – that means they reject the demands and could pretty much lead to Greece leaving the Euro, although that is not absolutely certain. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras went on TV this week and called for Greeks to vote “No” in the referendumPolls show that the “Yes” and “No” vote are neck-and-neck.

According to the country’s popular news site Ekathimerini, citing supermarket chains and food industry sources, Greece faces a massive shortage of fresh meat, fish, because soaring demand that import uncertainties.

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