September 22, 2012

Rob Dew breaks down the developers assault on the famed Barton Springs pool, set to close down for a lengthy construction project.


Barton Springs Pool will soon be shut down to repair a bypass tunnel that controls the pool level. The bypass tunnel resides under the sidewalk on the north side of Barton Springs pool. It was built in 1974. The tunnel is basically a concrete box culvert that allows both the normal flow of Baron Creek and frequent small floods to bypass the swimming area to protect the quality of the pool.

Officials say the tunnel has developed holes that are bringing down the level of the pool and endangering the Barton Springs Salamander.

“The way it’s laid out, they’ll do a third of the box culvert at a time. They’ll do the upstream third, then the middle third then the downstream third. When we’re doing the upstream third the shallow end of the pool will be closed for swimmers, but the middle and downstream third will be open to swimmers. Once they complete the work in the upstream third then the pool will be closed as they’re working in the middle and downstream third,” said Project Manager Dennis Crabill.

The shallow end of the pool will be closed beginning October 1. The rest of the pool will close in mid-November. It’s expected to open before March of next year.

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