Kurt Nimmo
May 6, 2012

In the first video below, the globalist propaganda outfit al-Jazeera attempts to portray Greek nationalist parties as racist.

In fact, New Democracy and other so-called nationalist parties are gaining momentum because the socialists in power handed the country over to international banksters who are determined to impose crushing austerity on the people of Greece and rob them of their national treasure.

How best to tarnish the opposition? Call them racists.

“The extreme right-wing Golden Dawn is projected to win enough votes to enter parliament, with between 6 percent and 8 percent, well above the necessary 3 percent threshold.” reports Times Union, a Hearst newspaper in New York.

Golden Dawn appears to be a fascist front connected to the Greek police. It is being used to discredit New Democracy and its anti-austerity platform. New Democracy is projected to take around a third of the votes in Greek elections today.

Despite efforts by the corporate media to make it seem like ousting the eurozone socialists will turn the country into a fascist backwater, the indisputable fact remains that millions of Greeks are ready to throw out the old ruling elite and tell the bankers they will not accept a drastically lower standard of living in order to pay off a staggering debt accrued by the socialists.

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