November 1, 2011

In this special You Tube video, Alex Jones previews breaking information coming up on tonight’s Tuesday, November 1, 2011 edition of the Infowars Nightly News. For a limited time, ANYONE can watch the video broadcast free, including on the Apple iPhone. However, subscribers get a higher quality stream and help support the show.

Greek Referendum Threatens EU
Insider fighting in Greece and surprise call for referendum could put EU at risk and crash markets if the banker takeover plan is not approved. Behind the scenes there is a Coup-Contrecoup taking place, with the end result unclear. High-level military officials have been replaced and many politicians have defected from their parties, called for Papandreou’s resignation and/or a ‘snap’ election for a new government. It’s all coming to a head…

Infowars Nightly News will also cover how the state took custody of a child after her parents forgot to pay for a sandwich at a grocery store, as well as the continued use of spies on Wall Street protesters, the attempt to criminalize photography, the use of cash in secondhand sales in Louisiana, Homeland Security reportedly monitoring Twitter for social unrest, new ‘smart’ streetlights that can display emergency messages from the government, record conversations on the street and much more.

German government created spyware that puts a trojan horse on users computers is also questioned, as well as the existence of many other gun-trafficking programs, including Operation Armas Cruzadas which Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano personally had knowledge of.

Tune in tonight and spread the word about the growing Infowars Nightly News broadcast.

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