Press TV
March 13, 2012

In the Greek capital Athens, state employees have staged another protest against tough austerity measures imposed by the government.

Employees of the Development Ministry occupied the building in protest against the closure of public organizations.

Workers with state mental health clinics and day cares also held separate rallies outside the country’s Health Ministry. The institutions the workers are employed at are expected to be closed down as part of spending cuts.

The measures have been requested by international lenders in exchange for a new loan that Greece has received. Up to 15,000 state workers are expected to be laid off this year.

Greeks have taken to the streets across the country for anti-austerity demonstrations on numerous occasions since the austerity cuts were first implemented by the government in early 2011.

Many of the anti-austerity protests across the country have turned violent, leaving scores of the protesters injured.

Greece has the highest debt burden in proportion to the size of its economy in the 17-nation eurozone. Despite austerity cuts and the bailout funds, the country has been in recession since 2009.

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