March 24, 2010

An Infowars reader sent the photo below. It was taken recently in Houston, Texas.

eco wagon

A Google search of “environmental law enforcement” in Houston does not produce any results, so we cannot say with accuracy if the Texas city has a force of green cops.

New York has a green police under the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation. “According to Yahoo! Green, the eco-task team sniffs out polluting criminals, issuing tickets to offending violators, and enforcing environmental law,” notes the Planet Green blog.

“Enforcement is comprised of both proactive and reactive patrols in marked police vehicles. Environmental Conservation Police Officers (ECOs) investigate complaints and document their findings. When sufficient evidence is found, they prepare their case for a successful prosecution in court,” explains the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website.

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“You’d better ‘give a hoot’ and not pollute when you’re in the Big Apple or the green police will get you. Like their fellow NYPD officers in blue, NYC’s Environmental Conservation Officers carry guns, handcuffs and the authority to arrest polluting perps and haul them to jail,” writes Super Eco.

“The toxic laundry list of green violations the city’s 20 or so ECO officers bust polluters for stretches way beyond spitting a wad of gum on the sidewalk. In fact, the Stetson-hat topped enviro-cops dole out 2,000 tickets and criminal (misdemeanor and felony!) charges each year for state and federal environmental conservation no-no’s. Some of them pack $5,000-plus fines and up to a year behind bars.”

No word if this sort of expansion of police power is about to happen in Houston. But considering the nation-wide thirst for more revenue collection on the part of state and local municipalities, it is not a stretch to think the folks of Houston may soon see a lot of these white and green wagons patrolling the streets looking for eco criminals to fine.

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