Green Day singer Billy Joe Armstrong went on an unhinged rant in response to President Trump’s ‘nuclear button’ tweet which ended in him telling all his Trump supporting fans to “f**k off”.

Writing on his official Instagram page, Armstrong complained, “This isn’t funny. This is our president acting like a madman drunk on power THREATENING to kill innocent starving people by way of nuclear war. The 25th amendment needs to be enforced. This man is sick and unfit for office. I don’t care if your liberal or conservative.. this has to stop . Please share #impeachtrump.”

Someone probably needs to remind Armstrong that hashtags can’t trigger impeachment proceedings.

One of the Green Day frontman’s most famous lyrics is, “Do you have the time to listen to me whine?”

If some of the more intelligent replies to his post are anything to go by, it’s a resounding no.

Respondents to the post eviscerated the singer’s argument, with one remarking, “I love how no one loses their shit about how Kim Jong 1) Literally made the same threat hours before Trump 2) Is the reason all those innocent people are starving 3) Threatens the rest of the world 4) Has active death camps. But no by all means Trump’s the real villain here you guys.”

Armstrong responded with vitriol, stating, “Go fuck yourself you fucking keyboard coward. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. No one is coming for you you paranoid fool. This is your president making threats of mass destruction. Wake up or get the fuck off my Instagram.”

After another commenter told Armstrong that people had a right to support Trump, the Green Day frontman became even more angry, responding, “Well then go fuck yourself you stupid piece of shit. If that’s the way you feel about mass destruction and murder then fuck off. Stay the fuck off my Instagram and don’t come back. Don’t listen to my fucking records. I have no problem telling ignorant fucks like you to go to hell. That goes for any other stupid fucks that thinks this behavior should be normalized. Get the fuck out!”

Armstrong’s meltdown is reminiscent of how Eminem attempted to revive his flagging career by starting a war of words with Donald Trump, only for the rapper to bitterly lament how Trump didn’t respond to him.

Eminem’s subsequent album was panned by critics despite its desperate attempt to pander to the anti-Trump far left.

Armstrong’s response to Trump’s tweet mirrored the hysterical reaction of the mainstream media, which doesn’t seem to get anywhere near as irate about the fact that Kim Jong-un routinely threatens the world with nuclear holocaust and presides over a brutal regime that imprisons hundreds of thousands of its own people in political death camps.

Apparently, offending the diminutive Stalinist dictator is way more outrageous than any of that.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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