June 14, 2012


You already know the Planet Infowars social network is the best place to meet like-minded activists, but did you know it’s also a digital gallery where you can showcase your art?

Artwork from around the world is being uploaded and immediately recognized by thousands in the Infowar community. Everyone is encouraged to comment on posted art, thus initiating engaging social interaction, facilitating communication of vital constructive criticism, and promoting open conversation within the freedom loving community.

One artist, ifree, posted his rendition of Alex as superhero comic book figure Green Lantern in the Street Art category.


Groups like “MindResistanceArt. Art Against Tyranny,” “Resistance Through Comics and Films,” “Activism Art/Graphics,” and a personal favorite “Info(graphic)War!” are all excellent places where users can post the art they feel represents humanity’s struggle against the global elite and those who wish to abolish our freedoms.

You also have the freedom to create your own group.

Instead of posting art on Facebook where most users won’t understand your message, let Planet Infowars be your digital album of choice and help you build a powerful network of friends and allies.

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