Environmentalism, Economic Downturn, National Service all emphasize the need for common sacrifice, cutbacks and sustainability

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | June 5, 2009

Ever noticed how the environmental ‘crises’ and economic ‘crises’ both prey upon the green of it all? The color of greed, jealousy, disease, Federal Reserve notes and trees. The marketing of both manufactured green crises have hinged around selling us on tightening our belts and buckling down for the big one.

These global warming activists exemplify the new-fascism under Obama: the integration of environmentalism, green business and national service. The earth sign is integrated with the banker’s mantra "too big to fail" while the green helmets clearly sell the idea of "service"– service to the cap & trade profit schemes owned & operated by global warming’s biggest fearmonger, Al Gore

This blend of PR and predictive programming is clearly in play with Wal-Mart. Spokesmen in the MarketWatch article "Wal-Mart to tap into ‘new normal’ thrift consumer mentality" makes clear that austerity is not only an economic imperative but also sustainable. The similarity to the buzzwords used to push environmental policies is no accident.

Wal-Mart, one of the only firms anywhere to come out of the financial crisis stronger, made clear that its surge in "new customers, traffic and sales it has gained from the economic downturn are "permanent and sustainable." Chief executive Mike Duke added, "There’s a ‘new normal’ in which people want to save money."

Under the new era of economic degradation and depression austerity, life under slavemart is the new norm. The pride of American small business is over; consumer comforts too will be reduced; cheap plastic goods are the only affordable goods in this green age.

Webster Tarpley, author of Obama: The Postmodern Coup and Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography, warned months ahead of action by the Obama Administration that his entire agenda would be centered around the buzzword "austerity"– the idea that Americans must sacrifice in every way in the name of promised progress. Often enough, many initiatives will generate support under the green cover— anything green must be good.

This has proved true in the issues emerging from the Obama-era– the environmentalism, (banker-led) economic and service movements. Curiously, the common thread is sold through an appeal towards "common sacrifice."


The Club of Rome was clearly the most active think tank in the 1970s pushing the agenda for a reduced ‘standard of living’ in the West. These elites have insisted in their key publication "The Limits of Growth" that Americans and Europeans must embrace drastic population reduction quotas, and that its people use and consume less in the name of its carefully-framed sustainability crisis. The fact that the group fearmongered then about global cooling and now fearmongers about global warming should be an indicator that its environmental concerns are phony. The green cover is a ruse disguising the elite’s push for severe eugenics policies.

Volcker’s policy of de-industrialization in the 70s and 80s hinged on bringing America’s standard down.

We have all been told by the elites that our standard of living will be brought down. There’s little speculating that it has been an intentional plan; they’ve announced it all throughout the 1970s. The Club of Rome and top economists like Paul Volcker alike have both made clear that the ‘limits of growth’ have been reached, and that first world westerners must be put back in balance– with cold scientific calculating– to the world’s mean (average).

In 1979, Paul Volcker, then Chairman of the Federal Reserve during the Carter Administration, openly stated:

"The standard of living of the American worker has to decline," Volcker said. "I don’t think you can escape that".

Volcker was at the helm of the Trilateral Commission’s alarming ‘Project 1980s’ plan for the “controlled disintegration” of the U.S. economy.

"A controlled disintegration in the world economy is a legitimate object for the 1980s… it was not by chance that starting the week of Oct. 6-12, 1979, Volcker began raising interest rates, by raising the federal funds rate and increasing certain categories of reserve requirements for commercial banks. He kept pushing rates upward, until, by December 1980, the prime lending rate of U.S. commercial banks reached 21.5%."

Mike Duke, Wal-Mart Chief Executive, sounded an alarm signaling America’s shift to the world mean. " The economic crisis has brought a fundamental shift in consumer attitudes and behavior."

Wal-mart emphasizes that its ‘new normal’ customer experience would center around remodeling, continued low prices, as well as focus "on reducing waste and other sustainability efforts."

What is good for the economic goose is good for the environmental gander; and what is good for the environment must be good for green entrepreneurs as well.

[efoods]The double-speak of the phony environmental agenda for a reduced standard of living in the Western world is used to mutually reinforce any dictates coming from the financial sector or any calls for sacrifice under environmental pretexts. Because westerners use and consume too much, and therefore endanger the environment, carbon cuts or other measures must be accepted by all.

The industrial base has destroyed been by the globalization model in which jobs are shipped out the back door and transferred to underdeveloped, autocratic ‘slave wage’ nations. It’s no coincidence that the de-industrialization benefits firms with the Wal-Mart model the most. Today, in the name of the global warming crisis, the remaining factories are to be choked by cap & trade laws, while the profits of the cap & trade are transferred to an Al Gore owned & operated chain of interlocking for-profit green derivatives scheme firms that specializes in carbon credits trading.

What is green must first be profitable for green business and green jobs.

SEE: Gore Denies that Ken Lay, Goldman Sachs CEOs Helped Develop C02 Trading ‘Scheme’: VIDEO

De-industrialist Volcker has now been brought back in the Obama-Federal Reserve Administration and serves on the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Volcker has long headed firms representing both the Rothschild family and the Rockefeller family and is equally dedicated to their schemes in both banking and the green movement.

Now, after Wall Street looters have been given extensive bailouts, collapsing car giants are required to shift major production to specialized green cars that have been little embraced by the public and show little hope of producing growth.

Volcker’s gloomy calls for austerity have demonstrated that the policies of former Federal Reserve chairmen such as himself, Alan Greenspan and little Timmy Geithner, will not pull us out of this crisis under any easy terms. Volcker spent the opening weeks of the Obama Administration warning that this could be "worse than the Great Depression." Wonder why the Federal Reserve greenback continues to lose value?


The agenda for mandatory servitude (or strongly-encouraged ‘volunteerism’) isn’t just the ‘red jackets’ of City Year. Obama has made clear in speeches that he wants to form an energy corps to enforce emissions limitations on vehicles and to enforce power and lighting modifications in homes. All Americans will be asked to do more to use less.

Top presidential advisor David Gergen has helped push a coalition of more than 70 ‘more-than-profit’ service groups– that cover the gamut of environmentalism, energy, green initiatives, education, business-ventures, emergency corps and more. Gergen has led the initiative for the service movement to seize upon the September 11th anniversary activities; now City Year and other groups are preparing to mobilize on 9/11/2009.

During the 2008 election season, both candidates Obama and McCain attended a 9/11 ServiceNation forum which David Gergen helped put on. Obama used that platform to fully push the national service program he developed with WH Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. "Everyone will have skin in the game," Obama told the nation’s viewers, as he called for young and old alike to sacrifice and serve their government.

Obama elaborated on a "desperately needed" civilian expeditionary force to supplement military maneuvers in Afghanistan and other interventions. When asked about his motivation for service by fellow service-advocate, host and editor of TIME, Richard Stengel, Obama told us that it was 9/11 that gave him a vision for widespread national service. Politicians should have exploited the nation’s sentiment to help out, Obama assured us, instead of President Bush’s call for Americans ‘to go shopping.

Curiously, David Gergen exploited the same expression at a Harvard lecture on service, blasting the Bush administration for wasting the 9/11 crisis on ‘shopping’ when it could have been used to stimulate widespread service. Again, the ploy of using the terminology crisis against cash is surely not emphasized by accident.

Green corps have already been organized in many varieties and similar groups. Once it was clear that Obama had the election momentum, CNN continuously covered the "O Generation" and its amorphous social movement.

Footage in The Obama Deception shows two such girls wearing green shirts going door to door. Obama ‘door-knockers’ have already been used in conjunction with the President’s private-parallel usaservice.org/service.gov, and his administration has only started.

Mandatory national service is now being introduced into Congress, after it was stripped from the GIVE Act already passed earlier in his term.

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