Journalist Glenn Greenwald slammed the president in a CNN interview Wednesday, for delivering a lame apology to the Doctors Without Borders organisation, following the US airstrike on their hospital in Afghanistan.

“Doctors Without Borders, the organization that has run this hospital for five years, has made very clear that they’re not most interested in hearing apologies or claims of mistake or collateral damage,” Greenwald urged.

“They want only one thing, and that is an independent, impartial investigation to find out what really happened here, who made the decision to bomb this hospital and what it is that they knew.” the reporter added.

“Unfortunately the U.S. government, even through today as President Obama is apologizing, has made clear that they will refuse to cooperate with that kind of investigation because they say they’re investigating themselves.” Greenwald noted.

The journalist penned a piece this week documenting how the official explanation behind the airstrike on the hospital has radically shifted from mistake to justification.

Greenwald explains how the airstrike wasn’t an accident at all, and that the U.S. military intentionally targeted the hospital, with the Pentagon claiming Afghan authorities called in the airstrike.

Greewald has also slammed the mainstream media, particularly CNN and the New York Times, for “shameful” reporting on the airstrike.

“The New York Times has gone out of its way over and over in every article they’ve published to hide the fact that it’s the U.S. that has done this,” Greenwald said in an interview with the Huffington Post.

“Their headlines will be things like, ‘Airstrike Hits Hospital,’ without actually saying who did it. Over and over, they just write their articles and their headlines to obscure rather than to illuminate who was responsible for this attack.”

Doctors Without Borders has launched an online campaign to “demand an independent investigation” into the incident, encouraging supporters to spread the information on social media, and get behing the campiagn for transparency.

Doctors Without Borders president, Dr. Joanne Liu, commented on the ongoing push for an investigation during a speech in Geneva, Switzerland, stating:

“Today we announce that we are seeking an investigation into the Kunduz attack by the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission. This Commission was established in the Additional Protocols of the Geneva Conventions and is the only permanent body set up specifically to investigate violations of international humanitarian law. We ask signatory States to activate the Commission to establish the truth and to reassert the protected status of hospitals in conflict.”

Glenn Greenwald added that “It is just shocking that the U.S. government is standing before the world and saying, we have been accused of committing war crimes by this organization that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, Doctors Without Borders, and we will refuse to allow anybody other than ourselves to investigate ourselves.”

“That is completely lacking in all credibility, and if people really think that the United States committed an innocent error, that we had really good intentions in our heart as always and we would never do such a thing, why won’t they allow what Doctors Without Borders called for this morning?” the journalist questioned.

“There’s so much evidence that this wasn’t a mistake, and unfortunately the United States has actually been accused and lots of people have found it guilty over the past 20 to 30 years of committing war crimes but because it’s the most powerful country in the world we’re very good at telling other countries to hold their war criminals accountable but very good at exempting ourselves,” Greenwald fumed.

“The question is whether that’s something we want to continue to tolerate, that our own government is singularly exempt and permitted to commit war crimes.” he concluded.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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