A viral video of young girls dancing suggestively to rap music has been taken by some as a damning indictment of modern society, with one respondent commenting, “When I was their age I was coloring and playing with dolls.”

The clip, which has over 300,000 views, shows a group of girls, one of whom look as young as eight, twerking and dancing in a sexually suggestive manner while hip-hop plays in the background.

Respondents to the video, regardless of their political persuasion, were left disturbed.

“This is 20 million categories of Just. Plain. Wrong. Wth has happened to us (as a society) that these little girls are dancing – and with serious intent- like titty bar staff?” asked one.

“Kids now especially young girls are targeted with standards and media making them think they need to act sexual, it’s so sad to see this, I’m scared for their safety as they probably are more susceptible to grooming and being approached by pedos,” added another.

Most of the respondents didn’t hold the kids responsible and agreed that the parents were to blame.

The fact that parents are allowing their kids to do this on camera is disgusting but hardly surprising given the rampant sexualization of children evident in society today.

As we previously reported, in addition to Drag Queen Story Time, children are now being taken to gay pride parades where they are encouraged to dance like the example below.


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