John Hayward
Human Events
November 24, 2010

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The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation was created by Mayor Giuliani and Governor Pataki in the aftermath of 9/11, to “ensure Lower Manhattan recovers from the attacks and emerges even better than it was before,” as their mission statement has it.

Guess who applied for a $5 million grant under the LMDC Community and Cultural Enhancement Program? That’s right: Park51, the group that wants to build its Cordoba House mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero. If the grant request is honored, Americans in all fifty states will get to become investors in Cordoba House, right alongside people who donate money to Hamas “charities.”

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This move has sparked considerable outrage from opponents of the mosque. Fox News quotes Representative Peter King (R-NY) as saying, “It is entirely wrong for any taxpayer money to be used to fund the Ground Zero mosque. This is particularly true when it is being done in such a secretive way. This just further offends the memory of all those who were murdered on September 11th.”

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