The Guardian’s Steven Thrasher is looking forward to the day when America’s “dying white majority” is overthrown and a political revolution led by people of color ends the “white supremacist” system currently represented by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

In a video for the Guardian’s YouTube channel, Thrasher claims that the rise in popularity of Donald Trump was predictable because “every bold advancement of progress in the United States is met by a racist backlash.”

“When we voted against the odds to elect the first black president eight years ago, when we had a clear symbol that the country is literally becoming more black, why shouldn’t we have expected his successor to the meanest, whitest, most vile bigot possible?” remarks Thrasher.

“I’m waiting for the year 2043 when this white supremacist nation becomes mostly non-white,” he adds.

“That’s when true political revolution might be possible. But till then, in its final 27 years, some of the dying white majority are so desperate to hold onto their dwindling power it’ll come as no surprise when they follow history’s powder and elect a reactionary, racist, sexist man. And that’s why a Trump presidency would be as historically American as the bald eagle, indigenous genocide, the three-fifths clause, mass incarceration, and apple pie.”

As Chris Menahan points out, Thrasher has made a career out of spewing anti-white propaganda, including a 2010 article in which he commented on how, “the graying boomers will hate to pay for the education, health, and welfare of the coming browns.”

Thrasher’s assertion that a “white supremacist” elite dominates the United States fails to account for the fact that the President of the United States and the Attorney General are both black.

Thrasher’s claim that the current system thrives on “the suffering of people of color” also fails to address the fact that American blacks enjoy the highest standard of living of any black population on the planet, earning an average per capita income 20 to 50 times higher than any of the African countries from where they were displaced.

Imagine if the tables were turned and a white person spoke of his enthusiasm at seeing black people die out so that whites could seize power. Such content would only be published by white supremacist or neo-nazi outlets.

Yet Thrasher can call for the same thing in reverse and be given a serious platform in a major newspaper.

This illustrates once again how the left is exploiting “diversity” in order to promote radical, divisive, race-baiting politics that elevate and denigrate people based not on their character or principles, but on the color of their skin.

Or as it’s otherwise known – racism.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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