The odyssey of over 4,000 Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica (and another thousand in Panama) remains unresolved after Guatemala refused to make a bridge to reach the United States.

The Costa Rican government announced Friday that the Guatemalan authorities argued that it would be very difficult to explain to their citizens that Cubans would pass through the country heading for the United States when the Guatemalans themselves-and many other Central Americans face obstacles to enter that country.

The Cubans are stranded in Costa Rica since mid-November, when the Government of Nicaragua sent out the army and police to put an end to their long journey that began in Ecuador, the only country in the region that was, until recently, allowing Cubans to enter with a visa.

The departure of migrants from the socialist island has increased this year amid rumors that the United States will soon repeal immigration advantages that exist only for Cubans (under the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966), as a result of the diplomatic rapprochement with the government in Havana.

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