July 17, 2010

BP claims the oil gusher is capped. Short of independent verification, it should be assumed the transnational corporation is not telling the truth.

On Friday, the corporate media heralded the capping of BP’s Macondo well after 88 days of environmental disaster.

“But after nearly three months of wall-to-wall coverage of top kills, junk shots, oiled plovers, and incinerated sea turtles, much of America outside the Gulf Coast has become less than riveted, offering up more an exhausted sigh of relief than a whoop of joy amid signs that cap on the undersea well is holding steady,” reports the Christian Science Monitor.

But is BP’s latest fix holding steady? Much of the Gulf of Mexico is a no-go zone off limits to journalists, even corporate media journalists who are usually trusted assets of the banker and corporate state. This lock-down on information is enforced by the U.S. Coast Guard, and BP contractors and corporate goons. Even local cops in the Gulf do BP’s bidding. Do you trust BP and the government to tell the truth after months of preventing media coverage and telling lies about the severity of the oil gusher?

“Americans as a whole celebrated the news from the Gulf – and waited a long time for it,” writes the Monitor. In fact, the American people have absolutely no independent source of information and celebration at this point is inappropriate.

Is the “news” from the Gulf a propaganda ploy designed to restore confidence in Obama as we head into the mid-term elections? Is the establishment hiding the truth in order to save its skin?

Scientists and experts not on the BP lunch wagon need access to the area in order to confirm what BP and the government are saying, Short of that, there is absolutely no reason to trust them. Short of independent confirmation we should assume to oil gusher continues unabated.

Government and transnational corporations are pathological liars and should never under any circumstance be trusted.


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