Local 12
November 7, 2008

It appears the election of Barack Obama is definitely giving a boost to sales of guns and ammunition. While the President-elect has not said anything specific about his plans for firearms and ammo, buyers and gun owners are afraid of what might happen, looking at his past record.

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Local 12’s Rich Jaffe says that concern is making for brisk business.

Chris Maberry’s buying something he’s always wanted … a nine millimeter assault rifle. It’s his second gun purchase since the election.

Chris Maberry, Gun Buyer: “Because this will not be available in a very short amount of time. Mr. Obama has stated many times that Mr. Bush was lapse in not renewing his assault weapons ban … and I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.”

The “One Shot” gun shop in Newtown specializes in police and military-style weapons. For the last couple of weeks, they’ve been selling 20 to 30 guns a day … with people sometimes waiting in line before the shop even opens. Many buyers are afraid that when the new president takes over, he’ll bring back the ban on assault weapons.

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