A gun buyback program backfired after residents turned in rusty, single shot rifles in exchange for $100 gift cards.

The buyback program hosted by the Michigan City, Mich., Police Department yielded nearly 150 weapons, the vast majority of which appeared to be clunkers valued below $100 and unlikely to be favored by criminals.

In fact, some of the rifles look like they were originally sold from a Sears catalog.

The police department faced quite a bit of backlash when it posted the results on Facebook.

“Did they really turn in a black powder revolver? I’m so glad they were able to stop John Marston from robbing any more trains with it,” one person said.

Other comments were just as vicious.

“Michigan City PD finally broke up the infamous Metamucil gang,” another one said. “They committed most of their crimes between 6 AM and 1 PM, before nap time.”

The single-shot rifles bought back by police are rarely used in crimes, according to FBI statistics.

“In fact, according to the 2017 Uniformed Crime Report, knives were used four times more than rifles in murders,” reported personaldefenseworld.com. “Additionally, all types of rifles are included in the report—bolt-action, pump-action, single shot and semi-autos.”

“More so, blunt objects, such as hammers and clubs, killed 64 more people than rifles, with 467 murders,” the article continued. “Even hands and feet killed more people than rifles, with 692 murder victims being beaten or kicked to death.”

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