Gun control advocates are demanding a toy gun ban after Cleveland, Ohio, police killed a child who was carrying an airsoft pistol on a playground.

While many are asking why the police didn’t act with more caution on Saturday when dealing with the boy, 12-year-old Tamir Rice, others are instead calling for a ban on toy guns.

“Why are these toy guns produced?” Alexander A. tweeted. “We need laws that prohibit that type of ‘toy.'”

He also said that toy guns were “part of the problem.”

A commenter on a Fox News article covering the story shared a similar view.

“Without the existence of this real looking toy gun, we wouldn’t be discussing this,” she wrote.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson had even proposed a toy gun ban back in July which would have prohibited “the sale and manufacture of gun replicas.”

The proposal didn’t pass but it’s likely that Jackson and other ‘nanny state’ politicians will exploit this latest police shooting to renew calls for a toy gun ban.

But such a ban will only restrict personal liberties while doing nothing to stop cops who use lethal force as much as they can.

“American police are taught to treat any act of non-compliance as ‘resisting arrest,’ a supposed offense that justifies the use of pain compliance and – in cases like that of Kelly Thomas – lethal force, if it is necessary to subdue the victim,” political commentator William Norman Grigg wrote. “In fact, most police who go ‘hands-on’ with a victim will pre-emptively shout ‘Stop resisting!’ even when no resistance is offered.”

“Any incidental contact with the sanctified person of a police officer is treated as criminal battery or even aggregated assault.”

And a toy gun ban will only add to the irrational fear of firearms now plaguing this country which has also been a factor in many fatal police shootings.

“Every single boy in my San Diego neighborhood and I had realistic toy guns 40 years ago, and not even once did the cops come around for a look, much less shoot one of us,” wrote Michael T., a commenter on the Fox News article. “Want to know why? Because no parents were stupid enough, or that afraid of guns, to calls the cops, that’s why!”

“It’s this current generation, where so many adults are scared of even a picture of a gun, that is the problem. Too many wussy adults who call the cops at the drop of a hat.”

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