Anthony Gregory
Washington Times
August 21, 2012

The recent mass shootings at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and a movie theater in Colorado have revived the controversy over “gun control” policy.

It is tempting after such unspeakable crimes to search for answers that will help prevent a repeat. The media immediately examine the purported killer’s profile and make sweeping statements about mental health screening, public health programs, bigotry, the schools and popular culture. Some correlations might deserve attention, such as the Wisconsin shooter’s former military status, because the increased prevalence of traumatized military veterans is unavoidably a national issue.

[…]Those who point to such killing sprees as evidence that we need more gun control must confront the facts. Gun laws cannot stop mass shootings. The Aurora killings occurred in a “gun-free zone.” Not far away, in April 1999, the Columbine High School shooters violated numerous gun laws. If anything, knowledge that their prey are legally disarmed only encourages such killers.

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