Anthony Gucciardi
April 8, 2013

[Editor’s note: The following trailer demonstrates the effectiveness of group collaboration in bringing a film concept to fruition. There is only about three weeks left in the contest, so if you have an interesting idea, but no technical film skills, or vice versa, reach out to others and collaborate to make it happen.]

The mainstream media has been caught time and time again playing on the emotions of the public, ignoring the statistical reality behind the gun control issue. Scripted down to the very last word, the media will never tell you that only around 300 individuals are killed per year from rifles according to the FBI‘s own data sheet — a number far less than even the deaths from hands and feet.

Instead, the mainstream media machine runs only on the fuel of highly filtered events that coincide with their preconceived topic of the year: the purported necessity of extreme gun control. You won’t hear about the shootings that have been stopped by law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits, such as the incident in which another movie theater shooting was stopped by a legal citizen with a legal handgun. You also won’t hear about the fact that James Holmes intentionally drove to a smaller, farther away movie theater in order to avoid the venues that allowed for legal concealed carry holders to attend.

My name is Anthony Gucciardi, and I have been a contributor to for over six years now. In all of the years aiding in the fight against twisted and downright fabricated information spewed forth by the media machine that is dying at record numbers, I have never seen an issue pushed harder, faster, or as deceptively as gun control. There are contenders for sure, but the reality is that the number one thing the elite desire to be written in our future history books is how they conquered the once-brave United States population through disarmament.

We Can Carve A New Path With Truth

With the power of alternative news juggernauts like and the Drudge Report, however, we can carve a new path that is far different from that envisioned by the elite.

And that is why I decided to make it my primary goal to develop the new documentary film Disarmed: A History of Gun Control for the Paul Revere contest. I teamed up with a major film producer and interviewed not only US representatives like Texas Rep. Steven Toth ,who has introduced a bill to protect citizens from federal gun grabs, but alternative news champions like Mike Adams of NaturalNews. Altogether, it became a quest to find the most relevant and informative data on the subject and break it all down in a form that literally even a child could understand.

When it came together through expert analysis and the government’s own data compiled in hundreds of pages of research, we boiled it down to about one hour of Polaris-sized information warfare.

The fact is that we stand at the very tipping point between making history, or simply repeating it. There is no question that the age in which we live is perhaps the most exciting, concerning, and unforged of all time. The question is no longer whether or not we are about to enter an entirely new age, but instead who will it be forged by — and how so.
Will the people, WE the people, ultimately craft the world in which we would like to live in, or will our idle hands allow for the societal work in which we once took pride to become broken and brittle.

I think the answer to this question is that we can ultimately reclaim the Republic with the help of hardcore reality news blasts that, like David’s pebble from his slingshot, hit the Goliath mainstream media disinfo machine in its weak spot with its most feared weapon: the truth.

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