Bob Owens
Bearing Arms
November 11, 2013

There was a pathetically small Mom’s Demand Action meeting at one table in a restaurant in Dallas yesterday. The meeting was counter-protested by a much larger pro-freedom group of open-carriers in the parking lot outside. The reaction from the alarmists of Moms Demand was pretty much what you’d expect from a group that runs in full freak-out mode as a default.

You’ll note that in the follow-up tweet, the head of Mom’s Demand had to change the claim from “armed men,” because the protesters were family groups, including liberty-loving moms and their children.

By Shannon Watts’s own admission, her group could muster just four tired old biddies to attend her group’s meeting in Dallas, and they were outnumbered 10-1 by counter-protesting open-carriers.

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Editor’s Note: We also encountered low attendance at the Mom’s Demand Action meeting in San Antonio, Texas on Oct. 19:

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