Ed Baswell
Bossier Press.com
December 10, 2012

God bless Piers Morgan and Bob Costas. Heaven knows they try, but when it comes to guns, they just don’t get it.

Morgan, a CNN host, displayed his ignorance of the American Constitution when he decided to stick up for NBC sportscaster Bob Costas and his gun control rant on “Sunday Night Football.” Morgan said, via Twitter, “The 2nd Amendment was devised with muskets in mind, not high-powered handguns & assault rifles. Fact.”

I always love it when someone seeks to make colossal ignorance look like colossal wisdom by putting the word “fact” at the end of a statement. The problem is, in the age of Social Media, there always seems to be someone out there who is smarter than the colossally ignorant.

Author Carol Roth responded to Morgan by pointing out that the Second Amendment “was devised for people to be able to protect themselves with the same type of weaponry used by those from whom they might need protection.”

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