A gun shop in Simpsonville, South Carolina, has one simple tip to anyone wishing to “piss off Obama”: Buy a gun.

In response to the president’s call for stricter gun control last Sunday, Simpsonville Gun and Pawn owner Mark Teal says he put up the sign to both sell firearms and make a statement.

“It’s mainly just to sell guns, but there’s a little bit of political connotation to it also,” Teal told WNCN News.

Teal told reporters that the president was hypocritical for demanding Americans give up weapons while he is afforded round-the-clock armed protection.

“I just think it’s strange that he has 24-hour security, his children and wife have 24-hour security with armed guards everywhere they go [and] it’s OK for them to have armed guards, but it’s not OK for us to protect ourselves,” Teal said.

Teal instead agreed with the response of countless law-abiding Americans who chose to arm themselves after the latest attack in California.

“When things like this happen – Sandy Hook and with this in San Bernardino – a lot of people who have never thought about owning a fire arm start thinking about it,” Teal added.

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