After being forced under threat of SWAT team intervention to turn over 164 customer records to the state police, a gun shop owner in New York is finding support.

Some 250 assembled outside the Albion Gun Shop in upstate Orleans County this week, but they were not mad at the storeowner, Joe Palumbo. Instead, they directed their ire towards state lawmakers who implemented the controversial New York SAFE Act last year. The act, passed in reaction to the 2012 Newtown School shooting, placed additional regulations on what Albany considers to be ‘assault weapons.’ To comply with the new requirements, Palumbo installed bullet button devices to permanently affix the once-detachable magazines to the lower of AR-15 style rifles so that they could not be removed without a tool.

However state police deemed his modification incorrect and two weeks ago threatened the shop owner with a raid if he did not turn over the information of more than a hundred customers that purchased the retrofitted rifles.

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